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Online Bookings

As a value-added service, Grab Visa has made this feature available to you. You can use this service to make an online reservation or booking request for any of the Grab Visa services. Your reservation request will be handled in order to check the costs and accessibility of the services you've requested. Grab Visa shall only be obligated to give you the requested services after confirming the costs and their availability to you, provided that you pay in full and abide by all applicable terms and conditions. Any communication with you before the aforementioned confirmation from Grab Visa won't be regarded as an acceptance of your request.

The availability of the goods and services made accessible through this website, as well as their online booking, are exclusively up to Grab Visa and/or its respective suppliers' discretion. Please make sure all the information you provide when making a reservation is accurate. We must be able to reach you by phone and email and have your accurate address on file for security reasons and to be able to advise you of any developments that could affect your journey. We retain the right to cancel the transaction at your risk and expense if any one or more of these contact data are incorrectly provided by you.

The right to use any specific credit card or payment wallet on the site for payments is reserved, as is the right to access and do business on the website.


Insurance Exemptions

Grab Visa is not accountable for the outcome of the application; rather, it is simply responsible for filing the visa application on the applicant's behalf. It must be noted that the decision to grant or deny a visa is entirely up to the Embassy of the relevant country; Grab Visa is not a party to the process and is not accountable or liable in any way for any delays in the approval or denial of any applicant's request for a visa by the Embassy. The Embassy also reserves the right to request additional documentation and to reject a visa application.

The government of the nation to which the visa is applied is responsible for approving the application. Grab Visa disclaims any liability for application outcomes brought on by false information or by applicant error.

If an applicant: does not meet eligibility requirements and is therefore deemed unsuitable to complete the online or offline application; provides false or fraudulent personal information; engages in any activity that is unlawful; or disregards, changes, deletes, or omits any part or section of the required procedure for registration, Grab Visa reserves the right to cancel the applicant's registration and to delete their personal information.

If the applicant's visa is denied because of factors outside of our reasonable control, Grab Visa is in no way responsible. The applicant acknowledges that neither the government (through its embassy) nor Grab Visa is required to give a reason if the government of the nation to which the visa is asked for denies the application.

Any expenses spent as a result of a visa processing delay brought on by events outside Grab Visa's control are not the responsibility of the organisation.

While a visa is being processed by the immigration authorities, Grab Visa is not liable for any expenses incurred by a primary or secondary applicant. These expenses could consist of the price of travel, the cost of lodging, lost wages, or any other expenses. Grab Visa is not responsible for any costs resulting from the actions or inactions of any embassy, government agency, or immigration authority related to the visa process, or even for the failure of any third party to provide services related to the visa process or visa delivery that could cause a visa application or any part of the visa application process to be delayed or rejected as a result.

Instead of the local embassy, an embassy may choose to consider an application in the destination nation. Grab Visa would not be informed in advance of the embassy's choice, which is made at its discretion. Some applications could require longer than the typical processing time, and Grab Visa has no control over this.

In every case, Grab Visa will submit a visa application for the benefit of the applicants. Since we are a private business, we are unable to provide any form of visa. We cannot promise a favourable outcome for a visa application, or for any evaluation or review that may be conducted as part of the visa process before the final decision is made. The relevant organisation in charge of issuing that outcome has the last say about all applications.

Grab Visa has no control over decisions taken by immigration authorities, requests for more information before approving visas, delays in the issuance of visas by immigration authorities, or decisions to deny visas.

The duration of a visa that is granted is solely up to the discretion of the immigration authority or officer. Its period could be shorter than what the client had anticipated or asked for. Similar to that, the immigration authority or officer has sole discretion over the date at which they will activate a given visa. This date might be earlier than the client's anticipated or desired date. The duration of any issued visas or the date that an immigration authority has set as the activation date are not under Grab Visa's control. Grab Visa lacks the power or influence to alter this term or date.

Based on immigration data immediately provided by immigration and embassy departments at the time of lodgement, Grab Visa advises its clients on visa choices and submits visa applications on their behalf in good faith. Contradictory information is outside of Grab Visa's control in the event that immigration rules and/or regulations have been modified by an immigration department but such revisions have not been made public at the time of visa lodgement. Should circumstances involving out-of-date information occur, Grab Visa will not be responsible for any visa applications that are denied or any additional fees associated with such a rejection (including travel expenses).

In order to deliver services to a client, Grab Visa will rely on and use information provided by the client. Grab Visa won't independently check the veracity or completeness of such information or take ownership of it.

It is the client's obligation to give Grab Visa all necessary data and supporting materials for an application. Documentation from third parties, such as spouses, relatives, employers, sponsors, accrediting agencies, educational institutions, etc., may be included but is not limited to. Grab Visa reserves the right to wait to submit a visa application until it has received the necessary information if the needed documents does not comply with its requirements.

If a deadline for the submission of supporting papers to an application has been set by an immigration authority, the documents must be submitted as soon as feasible, but no later than 48 hours before the due date.

Grab Visa is not liable for any costs or delays brought on by incomplete application forms, incorrect or misleading information given, or incorrect or false supporting documentation.

No refunds will be given for any monies paid to Grab Visa when the visa application has already been submitted to the Immigration Authorities.

Within 24 hours of receiving your visa, please contact Grab Visa experts if there is any inconsistency or issue with the details. If an application requests an amendment after 24 hours of receiving their specific visa, Grab Visa will not be liable for any damages that result.